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Rustavi 2

Rustavi 2 (რუსთავი 2) is a cable and satellite television station in Tbilisi, Georgia, providing News and Entertainment shows. Also known as Rustavi 2 Broadcasting Company (სამაუწყებლო კომპანია რუსთავი 2), Rustavi 2 produces and airs newscasts, political commentary and talk shows, entertainment TV series and sports programs as well as airing major events and international hit TV series.

Founded in 1994, Rustavi 2 is the most popular and successful broadcasting company in Georgia. Rustavi 2 is a privately owned. Information about its shareholders see in the following compliance form. Rustavi 2 is free-to-air terrestrial broadcaster network that currently reaches 85% of Georgia’s population nationwide.

Last Update : 05-15-2020
Sandro Eulis qucha 5a, 0186, Tbilisi, Georgia
City: Tbilisi
Region: Tbilisi
+995 32 220 11 11