SIC TV (the former TV Candelária), affiliated for 23 years to Record, with its 22 broadcasters, today forms the largest television network in the state, all interconnected by satellite and producing the largest and best regional programming in Rondônia. The broadcaster also has the best and most renowned television team in the state, with consensus in all layers and social classes, the credibility and professionalism of its more than 200 professionals. Today, SIC produces, weekly, more than 60 hours of programming entirely conceived and presented in the State, having as main character the citizen of Rondônia.

The Image of Communication System (SIC) was born with "Imagem - Assessoria, Propaganda e Produções", on March 3, 1983, acting in the advertising market, video production and political marketing. Its creator and founder was Everton Leoni.
Last Update : 05-14-2020
Av. Rio Madeira, 2964 78906520 Porto Velho
City: Porto Velho
Region: Rondônia
Contact +55 69 3219-9000