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In 2009 RT en Español began broadcasting its programs in Spanish 24 hours a day and 7 days a week for all Spanish-speaking viewers. Spain, Latin America and the United States follow the RT news when it suits them best. The news that the main international channels do not talk about acquires world importance in RT en Español, it already allows evaluating the relevance of events that previously did not seem to have it and that other newscasts do not show or try to hide.

RT en Español tells the stories of the anonymous heroes of our times to whom others do not give the floor. And in this way you will understand that the real news is not what you normally see on the news. The breaking news and all the news that is generated at every moment. Documentaries and special reports that will show you the face you did not know about Russia and the world. RT in Spanish KNOW MORE!

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Last Update: 04-21-2022