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RTV Marbella is made up of a team of professionals whose main objective is to tell citizens what is happening in the city. Journalists, filmmakers, camera operators, sound technicians, editors, infographers, producers, illuminators, decorators, ... all working to bring the news of Marbella and San Pedro to their homes, through radio or television.

RTV Marbella is everyone's radio and TV. Closeness is our highest aspiration. Citizen participation becomes a priority objective of this station: radio and television of the Marbella City Council. For this reason, part of the programming takes place at street level where first-hand information is found, in the mouth of its protagonists.

Also for this reason we intend to take into account the special characteristics of a municipality like ours, with a dispersed population and with several nuclei that have their own identity. In all of them we are present daily. In addition, RTV Marbella has spaces for all types of public, paying special attention to information.

Avenida Ricardo Soriano, Plaza Marqués de Salamanca. Entre planta 29602, Marbella, Málaga,
952 86 27 37
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Last Update: 04-21-2022