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It is a thematic television channel directed primarily to the Turkish-speaking population in Europe and later in the world. Its main content is the publications of the wedding ceremonies. In addition, music has reached the principle of being the television channel of the happy moments of the audience with the entertainment, spiritual counseling, tele-shopping, magazine, food, travel, contest productions.

It is unique, with the exception of policy, with live or tape programming on almost any subject. For many years, the right pride of having implemented Teleçarşı Shopping, the first Turkish telemarketing concept, promoting our cultural wealth to the world and successfully undertaking the bridge duties between the Turkish population and the homeland in Europe has been carried by Wedding TV for many years. Wedding TV can be watched from all over the world, via the Internet and some IPTV platforms.

Last Update: 10-12-2020
City: Cologne
info@dugun.tv +49 180 5 6393
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