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TVRI Sulsel

TVRI Sulsel is a regional television station established by Televisi Republik Indonesia for the South Sulawesi Province . TVRI Sulsel was founded on December 7, 1972 under the name TVRI Makassar .

TVRI Sulsel has an office on Jl. Kakatua 14, Makassar City . TVRI of South Sulawesi relayed 92% of the program on National TVRI and the rest, TVRI of South Sulawesi made the Special Program of South Sulawesi Province which aired from 16.00 - 20.00 WITA , such as the South Sulawesi News Program , and so on.

Jl. Kakatua 14, Makassar City
+62 21 5704720/40
Last Update: 04-06-2022