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First Sevastopol TV Channel.  Pervy Sevastopolskiy is an operational, modern and high-tech TV channel. News on our air - around the clock. Easy presentation of information in a completely new format. Events in Sevastopol, Crimea, the world and Russia - we cover all the most important, interesting and exclusive. Nothing extra. Reports, interviews, author's projects.

Speak openly about problems and look for ways to solve them together with viewers. We are not afraid to tackle the most difficult and scandalous topics. The First Sevastopol is a federal-level media platform.

Assessment of what is happening on our air is given not only by the Sevastopol and Crimean experts, but also by Russian and foreign ones. We broadcast 24/7.

+7 978 222-03-02
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Last Update: 04-07-2022