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Telegenova is the largest regional television broadcaster in Liguria, born in 1974 thanks to Umberto Bassi and refounded in 2013 following various ups and downs, with the name of Telegenova Live. The editorial staff is made up of a team of professionals from their respective sectors, headed by Claudio Bollo, while Guido Martinelli is in charge of the sports section.

Telegenova has always been a good reference for all Ligurian viewers who wish to be informed about current events, with particular attention to everything concerning the regional territory. The live news of the Tg, both for news stories and for very heartfelt sporting events, are therefore an indispensable element to provide the Ligurian people with the best possible service.

Among the programs there are also various forms of entertainment, such as I trust animals, a column that offers ideas and advice for life with four-legged friends, or Eats & Travels, a program dedicated to travel itineraries and food and wine proposals to enhance the Liguria region. Furthermore, on Telegenova there are also talk-shows, columns on sports and motors, cooking shows and advice on events to follow in the provinces and surroundings.

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Last Update: 04-04-2022