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NTV Uganda The Nation's premium broadcaster with unrivaled programming and impeccable news presentations and local productions.

NTV-Uganda went on air on 6th December 2006. The station airs across Uganda on both free-to-air as well as on DStv channel 283. NTV Uganda is a subsidiary of Nation Media Group, East & Central Africa's largest media group. The station has raised the bar of excellence in quality TV programming, with a programme line-up composed of the latest award winning international shows as well as the best in local programmes.

NTV offers a wide variety of programming for viewers to choose from, with shows that spans across various genres such as reality shows, soaps, drama, comedies, cartoons, musical shows and many more. NTV News segments have set the pace in broadcast journalism. Crossing into new thresh-holds by using a modular TV broadcast system, NTV ensures that the viewer receives incisive, detailed and well-researched news stories delivered professionally by award-winning journalists who are the best in the industry.

These news segments are; NTV at One, NTV Akawungeezi, NTV Tonight, NTV Latenight, NTV Weekend Edition and NTV Ku Saawa Emu. NTV has captured a huge and loyal audience with its quality and entertaining programming therefore ensuring great value for stakeholders such as advertisers, by providing a platform through which they are able to reach their consumers.

Kampala, Uganda
+256 41 4563400
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Last Update: 04-23-2022