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ESKA TV is a broadcast television station from Wroclaw, Poland, providing Music shows. ESKA TV plays Adult Comtemporary Pop and Rock music videos, entertainment news shows and lifestyle programs.

ESKA TV is a music and entertainment channel, a leader on the thematic television market dedicated to viewers aged 15-34.

On the air, you can see the latest clips from artists known from Radio Eska, as well as exclusive interviews, gossip about show business stars and information about musical events in the country and the world.

Programs on ESKA TV carry interesting personalities known to everyone also from the ESKA Radio antenna. These include: Ola Kot, Rudy and Jankes Krzysztof Jankowski.

Ul. Ostrowskiego 30, 53-238, Wroclaw, Poland
Wroclaw | Lower Silesian
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Last Update: 04-22-2022