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Canal 10 has defined itself since its creation in 1986 as a local media. The Guadeloupe is at the heart of all its audiovisual productions. CHANNEL "history" 10 It has been 25 years since the Private Television Channel "CANAL 10" was created, by its Founding Father Michel Rodriguez.

Almost immediately, it was proclaimed "THE Television of proximity" by the Guadeloupean population. Totally devoted to her viewers, the channel has stepped up its interventions in the field, so the people were able to share anger, sorrow and joy with the whole of Guadeloupe. Constantly in search of information (News, Politics, Economy, Culture), constantly in search of innovative programs, while remaining at the disposal of those who create day after day the history of Guadeloupe. In fact, CANAL 10 remains the ideal promotional medium for young and old entrepreneurs and artists (musicians, visual artists, stylists, designers, graphic artists, craftsmen ...)

From 2006, CANAL 10 appeared on the satellite; Martinique, French Guyana, Saint Martin and Saint Barth discover the chain. New programs are emerging, totally re-adapted to all new viewers. The channel continued to evolve with wider live Internet broadcasting, shortly after joining the Orange TV package. In its turn, hexagonal France discovered CANAL 10 through the FreeBox, channel 222. So that Canal 10 could then face the world thanks to its integration on DTT.

Over the years, it is obvious that CANAL 10 has established itself. More than ever, the team strives to meet the expectations of our most loyal viewers seduced by our authenticity, while being precise and daring in the way we work.

CANAL 10 TV Baie-Mahault, Guadeloupe
+590 590 26-7303
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Last Update: 04-07-2022