Belarus 1

 TV channel "Belarus 1 is part of The National State Television and Radio Company of the Republic of Belarus.

The country's main television channel , Belarus 1, is: the most reliable and current information about the life of the country, near and far abroad; more than 100 film premieres in the new season, feature films of various genres and directions, the most scandalous and popular television series; sports of high achievements, broadcasts of the world's largest forums, the exclusivity of a sports product.

Having the richest traditions, Belarus 1 uses the most modern television production technologies, continues to study, take into account the interests and needs of its audience, does everything so that the viewer, each time including the channel, says: “This is Belarus 1”

Last Update : 05-12-2020
st. Makayenko, 9, Minsk, 220114, Republic of Belarus
City: Minsk
+375 (17) 389 61 36