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Al-Baghdadiya Media Group includes a number of TV channels, newspapers and websites, in addition to active activities in the field of human rights and anti-corruption.

Founded by the Iraqi businessman, engineer Dr. Aoun Hussein Al-Khashlouk on the twelfth of September 2005, which is the day of the launch of her first child, Al-Baghdadiya satellite channel, which was preceded by the project (Al-Furat) newspaper, which is one of the first free Iraqi newspapers issued after the American occupation of Iraq.

The presence of media embraces the mission of intellectual awareness and assistance to Iraqis, Sunnis, Shiites, Christians, Sabeans, Yazidis, Shabaks, and all other religions and nationalities, to overcome the ordeal of media closure and isolation from the world in which the Saddam regime put the people of Iraq in them.

Charity came in all the provinces of Iraq and some asylum areas, but his return to his country after two and three years revealed to him the amount of ignorance practiced by the dictatorship among the simple people, and how it exceeded the impact of the siege on living to the absence of any hope for the future or even an attempt to obtain the natural rights of people in their country .

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