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Hunan Television or Hunan TV (Chinese: 湖南卫视; pinyin: Húnán Wèishì) is sometimes referred to as Mango TV (Chinese: 芒果台), is a provincial satellite TV station. It launched in January 1997 and is currently China's second-most-watched channel, second only to CCTV-1, owned by China Central Television, although Hunan STV occasionally overtook CCTV-1 in ratings.

Hunan TV's signal covers most of China, including Macau, Hong Kong, Taiwan and overseas as (Hunan STV World) in Americas, North America, Japan, Papua New Guinea, Australia, United States, Canada, Europe, Worldwide, Sweden, East Asia and other countries and regions landing. Since 28 September 2009, the channel broadcasts in high-definition.

Last Update: 10-08-2020
North 4th Floor, Hunan International Convention and Exhibition Center, Golden Eagle Film and Television Cultural City, Changsha, Hunan Province
City: Changsha
Region: Hunan Province
Contact (86) 0731-82871680-8088
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